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Apex Fence is your go-to provider for a comprehensive range of commercial fencing services.

When you work with Apex Fence, you'll work with our team of commercial fencing experts in the Oklahoma City area. Our skilled professionals have the expertise and knowledge to design and install commercial fences that meet the specific needs of your business. Whether you require a security fence for your industrial facility, a privacy fence for your office complex, or a decorative fence to enhance the aesthetics of your commercial space, we can deliver customized solutions tailored to your requirements.

In addition to commercial fencing, we also offer top-of-the-line commercial gate installations. Our team of experts can design and install commercial gates that provide a secure and efficient access point to your property. From automatic gates with access control systems to manual swing gates, we have the experience and expertise to customize gate solutions that suit your business needs. With our attention to detail and commitment to delivering exceptional results, you can count on Apex Fence to enhance the security and functionality of your commercial space with our commercial gate services.

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Commercial Oklahoma City Chain Link Fences

Commercial chain link fences are a trusted and cost-effective choice for Oklahoma City businesses seeking durability, reliability, and flexibility in design. Whether used for security purposes or marking boundaries, these fences offer a practical solution that can withstand high-traffic areas while efficiently enclosing commercial properties. Chain link fences are available in a variety of styles including standard galvanized and PVC-coated.

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Oklahoma City commercial chain link fence
Oklahoma City commercial vinyl fence

Commercial Oklahoma City Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing is unique among commercial fences in Oklahoma City because it provides maintenance-free privacy. With their superior resistance to fading, warping, or deteriorating due to weather conditions and extended use, vinyl fences offer businesses a durable and long-lasting solution for your privacy and security needs. Vinyl fences are highly customizable so you can select the perfect style for your commercial space.

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Commercial Oklahoma City Wood Fences

Oklahoma City commercial wood fences are a classic and versatile choice for businesses looking to combine functionality with aesthetic appeal. With their natural beauty and durability, commercial wood fences provide both security and allow you to fully customize your fence to match the aesthetic of your business or commercial space.

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Oklahoma City commercial wood fence
Oklahoma City commercial iron fence

Commercial Oklahoma City Iron Fences

Known for their visual appeal, ornamental iron fences are a sophisticated and elegant option for commercial properties, adding a touch of attractive security to any commercial space. These fences are an ideal choice for businesses seeking both aesthetics and functionality, and their powder coating ensures they are incredibly durable to stand the test of time.

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Commercial Oklahoma City FenceTrac Fences

Oklahoma City commercial FenceTrac fences are a practical and versatile choice for businesses, providing a durable and customizable solution for securing properties. With their patented design that combines the strength of steel posts and rails with customizable infill options, these fences offer enhanced security without compromising on style or flexibility.

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Oklahoma City commercial fencetrac fence
Oklahoma City commercial corrugated fence

Commercial Oklahoma City Corrugated Metal Fences

Corrugated metal fences for commercial properties are a contemporary and eye-catching option that instantly adds a modern touch to any business. We install horizontal corrugated metal fences for extra visual appeal. With their unique look, durability, and easy maintenance requirements, corrugated metal fences are incredibly practical and can effectively secure your property in the Oklahoma City area.

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Commercial Oklahoma City Ponderosa Fences

Ponderosa fences for commercial properties bring a natural and rustic charm to any business's exterior. With their sturdy wood posts and metal pipe rails, these fences are incredibly functional and create security without fully enclosing your property with a privacy fence. This unique fence style blends well with the natural landscape around any Oklahoma City commercial property.

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Oklahoma City commercial ponderosa fence
Oklahoma City commercial temporary fence

Commercial Oklahoma City Temporary Fences

When it comes to securing and managing construction sites or event spaces, commercial temporary fences provide the optimal solution that combines flexibility, durability, and efficiency. These convenient fences are easy to install and remove as needed while ensuring reliable crowd control and site security. We offer a variety of styles of commercial fences to customers in the Oklahoma City area.

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Commercial Oklahoma City Gate Automation & Access Control

Ensure seamless control and enhanced security with our commercial gate automation and access control solutions. By automating your gates, you can improve the efficiency of entrance management for employees, customers, or authorized personnel. With a range of access control options in Oklahoma City, our systems allow easy authentication and convenient monitoring while maintaining the highest level of safety on your premises.

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Oklahoma City commercial gate automation and access control

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When you have questions, our team has answers! Reach out to Apex Fence for all of your fence related questions across Oklahoma City. Our friendly staff is ready to help you get on your way to find the best fence for you.

Yes! We are a trusted commercial fencing contractor across the entire Oklahoma City area.

We offer a wide selection of commercial grade fencing designed to provide solutions for every commercial situation and every style. Our crews are specially trained in the latest techniques in commercial fence installation - ensuring your fence is installed properly so it will look great, function properly, and will hold up to the unique demands of commercial applications and the harsh weather typical of Oklahoma City.

Absolutely! As one of the most trusted commercial fencing contractors in the entire Oklahoma City area, we stand behind our work.

Warranty on Fence Materials

We use commercial grade materials and work with high-quality fence manufacturers. This means you are protected with excellent manufacturer warranties on all fencing materials (in most cases). Each fence type and fence manufacturer is different. Our fence experts will guide you to the best solution for your situation - making sure you receive the maximum protection and peace-of-mind for your commercial fence!

Workmanship Warranty on Fence Installations

Our installers are expertly trained for all types of commercial fencing. We are experienced with the specific soil conditions and other factors that impact the strength and resilience of fences installed in the Oklahoma City area. We stand behind our work and offer a workmanship warranty on all commercial fences we install. Please talk to our fence experts to get the full details of the workmanship warranty for your specific project, and feel confident that working with Apex Fence means you never have to worry about our quality or our support!

Fence placement is ultimately the responsibility of you, the customer. Moving a fence after it's already been installed can be costly, so it's never a bad idea to get a survey to be safe. In many cases, the property lines are clear and well-marked and installing your fence can be done without an official survey. However, some municipalities do require it, so be sure to check!

We make it easy to get an estimate for your commercial fence! Our easy-to-use Instant Quote Tool allows you to get an estimate with just a few clicks. Or you can simply reach out to our office staff through our online contact form, or give us a call and our friendly fence pros will walk you through the process. Be sure to have the measurements of your property and take a look at the types of fencing we have available on our website before you call. We'll be happy to help you design your fence and get the perfect solution for you!

Simply contact us to speak with one of our fence experts to get the process started. We'll ask you a few simple questions and collect your contact information and your property address.

From there, we will schedule an appointment to walk your property, take measurements and to check for obstructions and anything else that would impact the installation of your fence.

We make the process very easy. That is why so many of your friends and fellow business owners across Oklahoma City trust Apex Fence for their commercial fencing needs!

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There are many small fence companies in Oklahoma City that list commercial fencing as one of their services. If you have a very small commercial fencing project, then a fence company that typically does mostly residential fencing is probably qualified for the job. Otherwise, be sure to stick with a company that is equipped and specially trained for commercial fence projects.

Also be sure to choose a reliable fence company that has been around. Here are some of the most common pitfalls of using an unreliable, unlicensed, or uninsured commercial fencing contractor:

  1. The Commercial Fence Warranty is Void
    If the company that installed your commercial fence isn't still in business down the road, the workmanship warranty on the fence and the gates is worthless. Additionally, some manufacturers won't warranty their fence material if it was damaged during installation or installed improperly - which is fairly common.

  2. The Fence Almost Certainly Won't Last As Long
    As a professional fencing contractor, our team of installers undergoes rigorous training and constant professional supervision. We are dedicated to improving our knowledge and skills of the best fencing materials and the best fence installation techniques for commercial fencing in order to maximize the strength and life of your fence. Companies that simply install fences as something they do "on the side" usually have no idea how much they actually don't know about commercial fencing ... and what is best for you and your property.

  3. Putting Your Property at Risk
    Installing commercial fences in the Oklahoma City area is actually somewhat risky. Sudden, harsh weather during the installation of a fence can blow materials - damaging your business or customer's cars. We've seen concrete splatter up onto cars or drip down long stretches of walkways and driveways - as wet concrete or other materials are transported. The secondary damage to businesses or your customers' vehicles while installing fences by poorly trained labor is a very common thing.

    Additionally, anyone hurt on your property while they are working puts you at risk! If you hire an unqualified fencing contractor - you may be liable.

At first glance, hiring a "cheaper" fence company to install your commercial fence may appear to save you a few dollars, but in the long run it is almost certainly a price that you simply cannot afford to pay!

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