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Oklahoma City Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a popular choice for Oklahoma City residential and commercial properties, offering a winning combination of durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance.

At Apex Fence, we specialize in providing high-quality, custom-made vinyl fences that are designed to transform your outdoor space. Whether you desire a pristine white picket fence or an elegant privacy fence, our vinyl options offer endless possibilities to enhance the look and functionality of your residential property. We offer several colors of vinyl fencing, including white, black, and brown, and specialize in designing and installing custom residential vinyl fences that suit your home and yard.

With our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are dedicated to installing reliable and long-lasting vinyl fences that will exceed your expectations. For top-notch quality and a fantastic installation crew, look no further than the Oklahoma City vinyl fence experts at Apex Fence!

Vinyl Fencing is Attractive

Our vinyl fences come in a variety of colors and patterns, including wood grain textures. With the longer-lasting vinyl material and a similar style to the wood you've considered, you can have the best of both worlds! Vinyl is available in a wide range of styles and heights. You have the option of building a full privacy fence, a semi-privacy fence, or a more open picket or rail-style fence that complements the overall look and feel of your property.

Vinyl Fencing is a Great Value

Vinyl fencing in Oklahoma City is an affordable option depending on the size, style, and needs of your fence project. Some varieties of wood and chain link fencing are less expensive at first, but vinyl is so adaptable and creatively built that the increased expense is worth it in the end because of the lifespan it provides with no ongoing maintenance costs after it's built.

Vinyl Fencing is Low Maintenance

Vinyl fencing across Oklahoma City is known for its low maintenance and ability to last and not fracture or need any heavy-duty cleaning. When it does need cleaning, vinyl can simply be hosed down with water or gently washed with regular soap and water. For the most part, vinyl fencing holds its own and doesn't fade or crack.

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Oklahoma CityVinyl Fencing
Popular Styles

Ranch Rail Vinyl Fence

Vinyl FencingRanch Rail

Traditional farm fences such as ranch rail type vinyl fencing in Oklahoma have a timeless charm about them. This kind of fence is most often used to create beautiful neighborhood entrances or mark large property borders, though it can be used anywhere you would put your fence.

Decorative Vinyl Fence

Vinyl FencingDecorative

Decorative vinyl fencing is a perfect way to add curb appeal to your Oklahoma property, whether at your home or business. Decorative fencing can enhance the look of your property while also providing security and clearly defining the borders of your property.

Privacy Vinyl Fence

Vinyl FencingPrivacy

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma homeowners and business owners alike may enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their yard, family, pets, and possessions are safe and secure, thanks to solid privacy vinyl fencing. Vinyl privacy fence panels can range in height from 6' to 8' in height.

Oklahoma CityKey Features of
our Vinyl Fences

At Apex Fence we pride ourselves on providing nothing but the highest quality service. Our level of craftsmanship is never compromised. Our reputation depends on it and we're proud to put our name on every fence we build.

Your vinyl fencing project can be as unique as your home and should add functionality, security, and curb appeal. Hover over these vinyl fence features to learn about some of the features available for your vinyl fence project.

Experienced vinyl fence contractor in Oklahoma City

Strong Vinyl Posts
Our professional-grade vinyl fences are engineered to withstand the Oklahoma City climate and weather. When properly installed by our expert fence team, our vinyl fence posts will stand strong and last for years. Quality matters! Our vinyl fences are built and expertly installed to look great and to stand the test of time! It all starts with a strong fence post!

All of our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets are manufactured using a process that is highly scratch resistant, maintains the beautiful finish of new vinyl fencing, and resists color fading from the harsh sun and weather conditions of Oklahoma City.

Experienced vinyl fence contractor in Oklahoma City

Durable Vinyl Rails
Our professional-grade vinyl rails are what separates us from many of our competitors. Our rails are of a higher grade than other options we see across the Oklahoma City region. This is an important difference, because the weakest part of a lower-quality vinyl fence is found in the horizontal rails!

People sitting on the top of the fence, climbing the fence, leaning heavy objects against the fence, or branches falling onto the top of the fence can all easily damage a low-quality vinyl fence rail! Not ours. Our vinyl fences are built to last and a key reason our vinyl fences last so long and look like new - is because of the higher quality vinyl fencing we install for our residential and our commercial clients.

All of our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets are manufactured using a process that is highly scratch resistant, maintains the beautiful finish of new vinyl fencing, and resists color fading from the harsh sun and weather conditions of Oklahoma City.

Experienced chain link fence contractor in Oklahoma City

High-Quality Vinyl Panels
Just like our posts and our rails, we install high-quality vinyl fence pickets. The thicker vinyl walls cost a little more, however vinyl fences across Oklahoma City take a lot of abuse and our high-quality pickets are proven to be up to the task! For vinyl fences that last for years and look great, high-quality vinyl pickets are a must!

All of our vinyl posts, rails, and pickets are manufactured using a process that is highly scratch resistant, maintains the beautiful finish of new vinyl fencing, and resists color fading from the harsh sun and weather conditions of Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma CityVinyl Fencing
Common Applications

No matter what type of application or reason you need new fencing, vinyl fencing has the styles and designs you'll love.

Residential Vinyl Fence - Oklahoma City

VinylResidential Fencing

With traditional to modern styles, vinyl fencing is a great look for homes all across the oklahoma area. Beautifully enhance your property with one of our vinyl fences built for safety and longevity.

Commercial Vinyl Fence - Oklahoma City

VinylCommercial Fencing

Boost your company's security with commercial vinyl fencing in privacy or open designs. Vinyl fencing not only will protect your business, but add an attractive improvement for curb appeal.

Oklahoma CityVinyl
Common Uses

With its attractive, long lasting features, vinyl fencing is a great choice for many different property settings in and around Oklahoma City.

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Vinyl Pool Fencing in Oklahoma City

Vinyl Privacy Fence

One of the best ways to create privacy for your backyard or pool area is with vinyl fencing. The interlocking vinyl panels create seamless borders wherever it is installed and cannot be easily scaled, keeping your space private and protected.

Vinyl Pet Fencing in Oklahoma City

Vinyl Pool Fence

When you need a fence for your pool that meets local codes, vinyl fencing can handle the job! The PVC that vinyl fence is made with is not affected by water or moisture and makes the perfect material to be installed around pool areas. Plus, with its privacy style, you can enjoy the outdoors without outsiders being able to watch or disturb you.

Vinyl Decorative Fencing in Oklahoma City

Vinyl Decorative Fence

Known for its low maintenance, long lasting material, vinyl fencing is a perfect decorative addition to your property. Vinyl fences are made to last a long time without fading in color and can be a beautiful backdrop to your landscaping and property features.

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Delivery and Installation

Experience a hassle-free fence installation process with Apex Fence, where our skilled team will ensure a professional and efficient fence installation.

Yes! We are a leading vinyl fencing contractor across the entire Oklahoma City area.

Our crews are experienced and specially trained in the latest techniques for installing vinyl fences - ensuring your fence is installed properly, will look great, function properly, and will hold up to the harsh weather typical of Oklahoma City.

Vinyl fencing is a popular option for homes and businesses in the Oklahoma City region. Vinyl fences are strong enough to stand-up to the harsh weather conditions of Oklahoma City.

Vinyl fencing requires nearly zero maintenance. Over time vinyl fencing is actually a less expensive fencing material than many of the other alternatives in terms of time and cost savings of paints that wood fences require.

If a maintenance-free, clean and modern looking fence is what you want, look no further than vinyl fencing.

Vinyl lasts a long time, so you don't have to generate or consume as many new resources to replace it, and it can be recycled after you're done with it. There's no need to paint it or treat it with other chemicals. Vinyl fencing is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives available.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the plastic most often used to make a vinyl fence, ranks third among the world's most manufactured synthetic plastics. Beautiful fences in a number of designs may be made from it, but it also has many other applications in the building industry, including in windows, pipelines, and other items.

Vinyl fencing is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives available.

Vinyl lasts a long time, so you don't have to generate or consume as many new resources to replace it, and it can be recycled after you're done with it. Recycled vinyl fencing is often used in the next generation of new vinyl fences, making it a great option for those who are environmentally aware!

Another huge benefit to your immediate environment and to the health of your family and pets is that vinyl fencing does not require harsh cleaners, or paint, or sealers - all of which may contain harsh or even toxic chemicals.

PVC, the material used to make vinyl fences, is nonporous, therefore it does not readily accept paint. When it comes to fences, many Oklahoma City residents select vinyl specifically because it never needs painting or staining or sealing. Unlike wood fences, vinyl fences retain their original color and shine for the duration of their life span.

So, while vinyl fences can't be painted, there are a number of different colors and styles available to customize your fence to match your home and your personal style preferences.

Oklahoma CityVinyl Fencing Examples

Vinyl Privacy Fence Company in Oklahoma City
Oklahoma City Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence Contractor
Residential White Vinyl 3-Rail Ranch Rail Fence Company in OK
Wood Grain Lattice Top Vinyl Fence Company in Oklahoma City OK
Black Horizontal Vinyl Fence Company in Oklahoma City Oklahoma
White Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence with Decorative Post Tops in Oklahoma City OK
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