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Our Warranties

You can have peace of mind with warranties on your new fence or gate!


Thank you for choosing the Apex Fence Team for your upcoming fence project! We look forward to working with you throughout the process to answer and potential questions or concerns you might have.

Here at Apex Fence & Construction, we offer all of our customers a Limited Lifetime Workmanship Warranty. We provide this to provide peace of mind, knowing your fence project is in good hands. A workmanship warranty provides you coverage against workmanship or installation errors. While having a workmanship warranty can be invaluable, some warranties can be misleading. It is important to know what your warranty covers and the timeframe it is valid. These items will be outlined below.

Items covered under the Apex Fence & Construction Workmanship Warranty*

  • Missing or mis-struck Nails (Wood) (Lifetime)
  • Missing concrete not meeting AFA Standards (does not include driven posts) (Lifetime)
  • Gate Hinges & Locks/Latches (90 days) (Wind damage due to gates not properly closed or not securely latched is not covered)

Items not covered under the Apex Fence & Construction Workmanship Warranty*

  • Gates and other moving parts.
  • Damages via Acts of God (uncontrollable events, such as tornadoes, floods, high winds, etc)
  • Damages caused by humans or pets
  • Impact to Fence
  • Wind damage due to gates not properly closed or not securely latched
  • Items outlined in your Wood Warranty Page


While workmanship covers the installation process, Apex Fence & Construction is also proud to offer products from suppliers and manufacturers that have their own warranties on the physical product. Many of these products have Limited Lifetime Warranties, which may cover items such as rusts, cracks, abnormal weathering, and much more. The link or paperwork required to register these warranties can be requested through your Apex Fence sales representative. Again, we appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your upcoming fence project! Please reach out with any questions or concerns you may have! Thank you,

Your Apex Fence & Construction Team

* Warranties are non-transferable from homeowner to homeowner. Please note that failure to pay your final invoice in line with the terms contractually agreed upon voids all craftsmanship warranty coverage.