Having a top-rated Oklahoma City, OK fence company install your new fence is vital for safeguarding your home, family, and business assets. As you go through the process of choosing your new fence, you should consider which fence type, material, and style would work best for maximum security. In this article, leading Central Oklahoma fence company Apex Fence & Construction gives you seven essential qualities to consider when selecting the perfect fence.

7 Qualities of an Effective Security Fence

Keeping your residential or commercial property safe while also keeping an attractive appearance can be a challenge, but fortunately, most security fence options can offer both. Safety is our top priority when it comes to security fencing because that will give you peace of mind, knowing that the things you hold dear are safe. The seven qualities we suggest you look for in a fence will provide you with guidance in regard to which one you should choose.

#1 – Increased Height

The first thing you should consider is the height of your fence. Taller fences are obviously harder to climb, so they are naturally good for deterring intruders. An 8’ fence is preferable when your goal is security, but some areas will have ordinances in place when it comes to the height of the fence you are able to install. You should always check with your local planning and zoning office before starting your fencing project. Having a fence of any kind installed can make your property look more secure. Any obstacle that makes it more difficult for a burglar to quickly enter and exit your property is going to help keep you safer. The more complicated you can make it for burglars to move things off your property, the better. 

#2 – Create Good Visibility

Having a clear line of site and open visibility is essential when planning your new fence project. It’s best if you can see through your fence so that you will notice if someone is hanging around on the other side. This visibility ensures that if someone is trying to break in, you will see them and have time to call the authorities before they make it over your fence. Additionally, non-privacy fences that allow clear visibility are beneficial if a would-be thief can make it over a fence with open rails; they will still be visible from the street, which makes it difficult for them to go unnoticed. 

#3 – Reduce Hiding Places

If you have bushes, storage sheds, dog houses, playhouses, or other structures in your yard, they can limit visibility and provide hiding places for anyone who has bad intentions toward you or your property. Our advice is to keep these at a minimum or at the very least place them away from your fence line. If at all possible you should try and keep your yard and fence line free of obstacles so you can see everything on your property clearly. 

#4 – Make It Difficult to Climb

To boost the effectiveness of your fence, choose a style that has very few horizontal rails. If you select a chain link fence, make it more difficult to climb by choosing one with a smaller mesh. If you decide to go with a fence such as ornamental iron, finish the top with spikes, points, or another finish that is difficult to grasp because a flat top can be scaled no matter how tall. 

#5 – Choose Strong Materials

With determination and motivation, nearly any fence can be cut, bent, or otherwise breached. When installing a security fence, choose the highest grade possible for your chosen material. For instance, a commercial-grade iron, chain link, or corrugated metal fence will be stronger than the standard residential grade. Choosing the stronger material will make it more difficult for anyone trying to break in, and the longer you can keep someone out, the better chance you have of protecting your family and your property. 

#6 – Add Additional Deterrents to the Top of Your Fence

Adding bolstered security elements to the top of your fence will dramatically increase its effectiveness. One way to have your Central Oklahoma fence company add security to your commercial fencing is to add barbed or razor wire to the top of a chain link fence. Be sure to check your local municipal codes to ensure that you can do this without penalty. If you choose ornamental iron fencing, you may be able to pick spires for the fence top, which makes it harder to scale. 

#7 – Install Lighting and Security Cameras

Installing security lights and cameras will enhance all of the other security measures we have discussed so far. If your property is well-lit, would-be intruders will have more difficulty remaining unnoticed at night. Security cameras that are installed near your fence add another layer of protection. 

More Things to Consider From a Top Oklahoma City, OK Fence Company

Once you have read these tips and decided what your unique priorities are, you must choose what type of material to use. We offer ornamental iron, wood, chain-link, vinyl, FenceTrac, corrugated metal, and ponderosa fences in various styles and with multiple features to meet your security needs and requirements. Some of our styles are available with remote gate operators as well. 

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