For property owners in the Oklahoma City area, ensuring the safety of loved ones and valuables while creating a beautiful, inviting outdoor living space is often a top priority. If enhancing your property’s security and curb appeal is your goal, consider partnering with Oklahoma City, OK fence company Apex Fence & Construction Fence, to install a privacy fence on your property.


If you’re contemplating the best material for your new residential privacy fence, the seasoned professionals at Apex Fence & Construction are ready to guide you through the many benefits and choices available. To assist in your decision-making, we’ve put together a list of advantages and a range of materials to help you select the perfect combination for your Central Oklahoma residential fence.

1. A Privacy Fence Will Keep Your Family and Pets Secure

A secure Central Oklahoma residential fence can bring peace of mind when your children or pets are playing outside. Keeping them safely within the boundaries of your yard is one of the best ways to ensure their safety, particularly if your property is in a neighborhood or adjacent to a busy street. Since it’s impossible to monitor them every moment, a fence becomes an essential safeguard. A sturdy fence not only keeps them safe within your yard but also deters unwelcome visitors. It defines the perimeter of your outdoor living spaces, allowing your family and friends to enjoy quality time together without the prying eyes of those living in close proximity.

2. A Privacy Fence Cuts Down on Noise

A privacy fence designed with some materials, like wood or vinyl, can reduce some of the unwanted noise from outside your home. If your property is adjacent to a busy street, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much quieter it becomes with a six foot privacy fence installed. The solid construction effectively deflects sound, providing a peaceful retreat from the outside hustle and bustle. Privacy fences also enable you to host gatherings with friends and family in seclusion, without worrying about disturbing your neighbors—or being disturbed by them. It’s a thoughtful way to be a considerate neighbor, and with a privacy fence, it’s easily achieved!

3. A Privacy Fence Increases Property Value

Installing a Central Oklahoma residential fence has been shown to significantly boost your property value. Privacy fencing, in particular, can be a major selling point for future buyers. A high-quality fence from a reputable Oklahoma City, OK fence company like Apex Fence & Construction not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property but also provides added protection and safety. With a privacy fence, your home will meet the desires of many potential buyers, giving you a competitive edge in the market when it’s time to sell!


4. Define Property Boundaries With a Central Oklahoma Residential Fence

Your Oklahoma City property might be more susceptible to trespassers without a clearly defined property line. That’s where a privacy fence can make a big difference! Before starting your privacy fence installation, make sure to check local ordinances and discuss your plans with any neighbors who might be impacted. It’s entirely within your rights to create the privacy you need, but considering how your changes might affect those around you is always a smart and considerate move. Doing some research on your community’s regulations and communicating with your neighbors shows respect and foresight.

5. Weather Protection with a Privacy Fence

A privacy fence provides unparalleled protection from Oklahoma’s natural elements! Acting as a sturdy windbreaker, a solid privacy fence shields you and everything within its boundaries from strong winds and the stormy weather that Oklahoma can experience. This means your landscaping, garden plants, and outdoor furniture will stay safe and secure. Additionally, depending on its placement, the fence can offer much-needed shade from the sun, benefiting your plants and providing a cooler spot for you to hang out during those hot Oklahoma summers.

Material Options for Oklahoma Privacy Fences 

A Central Oklahoma residential fence can be made from a wide range of materials, with many styles and customizable options. Whichever you’re considering, there are plenty of ways to enhance your privacy that you’ll love.


Take vinyl privacy fences, for instance. Built from durable materials, these fences withstand strong winds and harsh weather without fading or warping. Vinyl fences also offer a clean, bright look and impressive longevity and require minimal maintenance. A simple wash with soapy water and a quick rinse with a hose will keep them looking pristine!


Wood fences are another popular choice for privacy due to their versatility. As a natural material, wood can seamlessly blend into any environment and be customized to nearly any style you desire. Strong, durable, and naturally beautiful wood fencing is an excellent choice for enhancing privacy in Oklahoma City, OK, and the surrounding areas.


Chain link fences aren’t particularly known as a privacy option. However, they can be upgraded for privacy by adding colored privacy slats that fit into the gaps. Chain link fence’s galvanized steel frames and robust composition are favored by Oklahoma City homeowners and businesses alike for their durability, affordability, and low maintenance requirements.


FenceTrac privacy fences offer a modern, durable solution for Oklahoma City property owners. Featuring a robust steel frame with customizable infill panels, they provide exceptional privacy and aesthetic appeal. Easy to install and maintain, FenceTrac fences blend seamlessly with any landscape, ensuring security and style for your property.


Corrugated metal fences offer a modern, unique look while providing exceptional durability and security. Resistant to harsh weather, these fences require minimal maintenance and can be customized with various finishes. Ideal for urban and industrial settings, they effectively block visibility and noise, ensuring privacy and peace for residential and commercial property.


Though ornamental iron and ponderosa fencing are very different in looks and function, both provide an attractive aesthetic for your home or business. However, they may not be optimal if privacy is your priority. Their charming aesthetics prioritize openness, making them better suited for delineating boundaries rather than concealing spaces. 


To gather ideas and get inspiration for your new fence project, browse our photo gallery that showcases various designs and projects we’ve completed using these materials.

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